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The introduction to general transcription is a high-level course introducing the career covering the following topics:

  • Defining Transcription
  • The Earnings Potential and Where to Find Work
  • The Equipment Necessary to Be a General Transcriptionist

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Access to this course is restricted to one week. For more extensive training, please check out the Transcription Biz Basics course.

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Do You Have a Refund Policy Strategy?

Create a positive customer experience by having a refund policy strategy in place that's easy to find, easy to understand, and easy to implement - saving you time and money.

This guide will walk you though the importance of a strategy, what to include, some conditions and exceptions to think about, the types of refunds you can provide, where you should include your policy, the steps in the process, and so much more. 

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The Typo Blog

Read the latest perspectives from a transcriptionist with 3 book mentions and a VA of a 7-figure course creator.

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