11 Amazing, Inspiring Women You Should Be Following

Jun 08, 2019

There are many AMAZING women in business that are inspiring! I've come across a few truly amazing women on my journey as an online entrepreneur. While I've listed many, there are many, many more women that I've met, worked with, and been inspired by.

I first heard of Jasmine Star when she was a guest on a podcast that I do remote admin work for (Studio Sherpas) and I appreciate her running this #socialcuratorchallenge and igniting real conversations/interactions on Instagram!

Several years ago, when I started doing YouTube tutorials, I needed to gain some confidence in getting in front of the camera (and still struggle with gaining confidence), I came across Sexy Savvy Social Amy Landino. It's been wonderful seeing her also grow over the years (in her life and her business) and I'm thankful for all the knowledge and inspiration she gives to her community.

Business inspiration and confidence in pricing came from Natalie MacNeil. I will forever be recommending people watch her YouTube video about the F-off price (How to Charge More)! Seriously, if you haven't seen it, WATCH IT!

There are many facets to being a woman in business and Maggie Patterson, Sigrun Gudjonsdottir, Nicole Brandes, Clare Josa, and Tema Frank have been the top picks for me. They are knowledgeable and inspirational in what they do and have brought to the communities in which they work and serve.

Maggie Patterson not only talks about but demonstrates having an idea for a small business and seeing it to fruition but, also, to adjust when necessary and persevere through any obstacles.

If you want to see an example of someone taking an idea from zero to profitable growth, Sigrun is a woman with a plan and knows how to implement it.

Nicole Brandes is not only a leading businesswoman and but works with people to become great leaders.

If you are struggling in your business with a lack of confidence, Clare Josa is the go-to coach to work through imposter syndrome, as well as other hurdles in business and in life more generally.

Tema Frank is an author, speaker, and educator who has expertise in customer service. She understands that while technology in business has become essential to success, even more so are the people and their importance to a successful business.

If you're a woman in the podcasting industry, you cannot go wrong by listening to She Podcasts with Elsie Escobar and Jessica Kupferman! Not only are they knowledgeable regarding podcasts, but they are inspiring female entrepreneurs across the globe. When they end their podcast episodes with "Love you, mean it," and they mean it, and it shows with the work they are doing in and outside of the podcast community.

If I didn't mention your name, that doesn't mean I am not inspired by you. While I also did not mention any inspiring men, that doesn't mean there aren't any of those either. But this post is about inspiring women because "You have to see it to be it." -- Billie Jean King

I am inspired by so many women in my life, personal and professional, each and every day. As cheesy as it sounds, my granddaughter is probably the one that inspires me the most. She has so much life (and sass) in her tiny little body and yet the light that shines from her soul is incredibly bright! She sees the world in a way that most of us lose sight of, and that inspires me to find joy each and every day and to always be looking at things through a new lens.

I hope you all find inspiration in the people around you, whether they are near you physically or within the online world. I look forward to getting to know you more, so leave a comment and tell me who inspires YOU. It'd make my day (and theirs!) https://www.instagram.com/p/BybkeXbnz_Z/

It's Time to Soar! - Tina


Jasmine Star @JasmineStar
Amy Landino @schmittastic
Natalie MacNeil @NatalieMacNeil
Maggie Patterson @magspatterson w/ @smallbusinessboss
Sigrun @sigruncom
Nicole Brandes @nicole_brandes
Clare Josa @clarejosa
Tema Frank @temafrank
Elsie Escobar @theelsieescobar
Jessica Kupferman @jessicakupferman
Billie Jean King @billiejeanking
ME!! Tina Pham @myofficeowl


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