Grammarly Takes Spellchecking to a Whole New Level!

When was the last time your spelling and grammar were challenged? I'm talking spelling tests, spelling bees, high school or college level English classes. Maybe you had to take a test for a recent job application.

It's been a while since I've been full-on tested with no assistance from any applications but, I assure you, we are all being evaluated each and every day, whether it's our Facebook posts to a resume for a job to the copy you are putting on your website. The way you are writing, including accuracy in spelling and grammar, are a direct reflection of you and your business.

The hard truth is that we all make mistakes. While our English spelling and grammar skills can be considered "high level," we all can still use a bit of assistance. Personally, I have always relied on Microsoft Word's spelling and grammar check feature to be that "extra check," whether it's in the transcripts I do or other writings within my business or for personal use.

Thinking back, I do remember seeing ads for Grammarly, especially within YouTube, but never gave it much thought. It wasn't until 2017, when I was onboarding a new client, that Grammarly came to the forefront of the discussion. In order to secure working with this client, they stipulated that I must use Grammarly and I will forever be grateful for it!

Grammarly is SO MUCH MORE than a spellchecking tool. Would you consider yourself "addicted" to spellcheck within Microsoft Word? Get ready to be addicted to Grammarly, and not just in Microsoft Word, but across all the platforms that you are on, including social media sites, LinkedIn, Gmail, etc.!

Nothing is perfect, and neither is Grammarly. While it gives you suggestions for spelling, grammar, and more, remember that you are using an AI application. Humans still rule the day, and it will be up to you to review each suggestion and make the final decision on whether or not to accept the changes.

Specifically, as it relates to transcription services, Grammarly still comes in handy even though I cannot "accept" all of the changes that it suggests. Why? Because there is a level of verbatim that I am adhering to. In the flow of a conversation, people aren't always speaking in a way that is grammatically correct and the transcripts will reflect that because what is transcribed is not what people should have said but, rather, what they had said, regardless of whether it was the grammatically correct way of saying it.

Since I started using Grammarly in 2017, it has become a necessary tool in my writing toolbox. The fact that they offer a free version makes it a no-brainer and I recommend Grammarly to anyone and everyone. It is simple to install, simple to use, and the benefits are tremendous. I've considered myself a Grammarly "advocate" and just recently joined the Grammarly affiliate program.

Are you ready to take your website copy (including blog posts), job resumes, social posts, emails, etc. to a whole new level? Try out Grammarly for free. You won't be disappointed, and neither will your readers!

The links contained within this blog post are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase, download an app, etc.


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