Zoom Meeting + Kajabi = Successful Live Webinar

If you're wondering whether it's possible to successfully host a Live Webinar using the free version of Zoom Meeting in Kajabi, I'm here to tell you YES. Yes, it is possible! Let me share with you my experience and a few pointers to help YOU be successful!

In order to reach more of my audience, I decided it's essential to start hosting live webinars. And well, hey, the gurus are saying we need to be doing live webinars, right? So, I suppose I needed to take the plunge and host one myself. As a virtual assistant and transcriptionist, I'd experienced many people hosting meetings using the Zoom platform, so it couldn't be that complicated to set up the pipeline in Kajabi, right?

Here's the thing. The old adage, "You don't know what you don't know," really speaks volumes here. It seemed simple enough, but there were many nuances to the entire process that I hadn't thought of. Kajabi has resources to help with the process, but I learned a few other tips and best practices that I'd like to share with anyone else preparing to host a live webinar using Zoom Meeting in conjunction with the Kajabi platform.

Now, Kajabi walked me through most of the process with a prebuilt blueprint and an email sequence with copy templates designed by Brendon Burchard. They really put a lot of thought and effort into making the process as simple as possible. But I am NOT a marketing expert. In fact, I have very little marketing experience whatsoever. It took me some time to go through the entire pipeline and build everything out. While Kajabi provides the blueprint, you still have work to do.

Basically speaking, you are given two paths to go down. Either you set this up as a Zoom "meeting" or a Zoom "webinar." You can find all the differences in the Zoom Help Center. At a very high level, you will want to use the "webinar" functionality to host longer webinars with a large number of people.

Because my audience is small and I hadn't hosted a live webinar before, I chose to stick with the free version of Zoom and host the webinar using the Zoom Meeting in Kajabi pipeline. Here are a few things you should take note when it comes to using the free version of Zoom Meeting to run a live webinar.

  • Maximum meeting time is 40 minutes
  • Maximum number of participants is 100
  • Cloud recording is not available

Because the participants will likely need to have Zoom downloaded on their desktop or mobile device in order to participate in the webinar, I highly suggest the following:

  • In the "1 day before event" email, share the following: NOTE: This Webinar will be via the Zoom.us platform. If you do not already have the Zoom app on your mobile device or Zoom for desktop (Mac, Windows), you will likely be asked to do so upon clicking on the link shared with you tomorrow. For more information on how to join a Zoom meeting, please use the following [LINK].
  • Because of the delay in receiving emails with some email providers, I suggest either sending the "day of event" email more than 15 minutes before the event or sending one email at least an hour before the event and then a second email 15 minutes before the event. In that email, I included the Zoom link, as Kajabi suggests, as well as the Meeting ID number. Because the participants will likely be asked to download the Zoom app, I included the following: Having trouble joining our Zoom Webinar/Meeting? Here are directions on How to Join a Zoom Meeting

It's important to also note that because you will not be able to cloud record with the free version of Zoom Meeting, you cannot simply share the replay link once the meeting ends (because the video will be local and not in the cloud). Therefore, you'll need to change the first email that goes out after the meeting ends. It is set, by default, to one minute after. This doesn't give you time to prep the replay video in order to share it. Here are some tips to prepare ahead of time for sharing the replay video.

  • Change the timing of the first email after the live stream to give you time to edit the video and share it, say, five hours after the event.
  • Create a landing page in Page Builder where you can house your replay video. I found it was best to have the page already designed and ready to go so that, after the webinar, the only thing left to do with the page was to upload the video.
  • Add the link to the page you created that houses the replay in the email that is set to go out X hours after the live webinar.

There are a few things that you'll want to make sure are set up within your Zoom account prior to your live webinar meeting. Within My Meeting Settings:

  • Host video - ON
  • Participants video OFF
  • Join before host - OFF
  • Use Personal Meeting ID - OFF
  • Require password - OFF
  • Mute participants upon entry - ON
  • Chat - on or off depending on your personal preference
  • Private chat - OFF
  • Auto-saving chats - ON
  • Play sound when participants join or leave - OFF
  • File transfer - OFF
  • Allow host to put attendee on hold - ON
  • Waiting room - ON
  • Email Notification - ON (attendees join before the host and a meeting is canceled)

Before your meeting, you'll want to at least have an outline of the topics you'll want to cover and consider the limited time you have to do so. You'll want to put your phone on vibrate or mute. Another tip is to set your alarm or a timer to alert you when you're getting close to the cut-off time. For instance, if your meeting is scheduled for 12:00 noon and you're going to "go live"/start your meeting at 11:55, setting your alarm to 12:25 will let you know that you only have 10 minutes left.

When you are using the free version of Zoom Meeting, you are allotted 40 minutes. The clock starts at the start of a meeting. This is why it is imperative that you have the waiting room feature on which, by default, the "join before host" is turned off. You do not want participants to be able to start the meeting and/or enter the meeting before you. By using the Waiting Room feature, the participants will see a message on the screen letting them know you will let them in soon.

By having the host's video on when the meeting starts, while having the participants' video and audio muted upon joining, you will be front and center for the webinar. The participants won't be joining and taken aback that they are seen and heard by one another.

Also, because you're only allotted 40 minutes (with the free version), it's best not to start the meeting too early. Starting the meeting five minutes before the scheduled time gives you plenty of time to "go live," check that everything is working (audio/video) and then grant anyone in the waiting room access and disable the feature so that anyone else logging in can join. This is also a great time to write something in the chat like, "Hello and welcome!" and even ask participants to introduce themselves, if you'd like, via the chat.

It's also a good idea at the start of the webinar to cover a few housekeeping items. They might include letting them know they are muted (audio and video) but that they can take advantage of the chat and where that button is located (at the bottom of the screen). This is also a good time to remind them that if there are any technical difficulties and that they get disconnected, not to worry as there will be a replay made available to them.

The free version of Zoom Meeting does not allow for cloud recording. You must record onto your computer (local recording) and it only records the way that you view the meeting, i.e. Speaker View (just you on screen) or Gallery View (all participant thumbnails). For replay purposes, you'll want the Speaker View for your recording layout, so be sure you are also watching this way as you conduct the webinar. The toggle for that is at the top towards the right.

After the meeting, take a deep breath, but don't walk away thinking "Done!" The work is not over yet. Remember that you'll have to prep your video for replay. You may choose to do some editing of the video itself. You might also need to compress the video file via Handbrake before loading it into Kajabi.

One more thing I'd like to note is if you used a timer on your sign-up page. Once the timer runs out and your webinar has started, your sign up page in your pipeline redirects to another page. Meaning, the link you shared to the pipeline to "sign up now for the free webinar" no longer takes a person to that sign-up page. After the timer runs out, they are redirected somewhere else. Make sure that the destination is where you wanted them to go. Plus, if you want to change that, you can do that as well. In other words, maybe right away you want them redirected to a checkout page. But in the future, you want anyone using those old links out on social media to be redirected to an "events" page on your site so they have the opportunity to sign up for a future webinar.

Where to find that direct and change:

  • Go to Pipelines and click on the pipeline you want to edit.
  • Click on the first page of that pipeline.
  • Under "Sections" click on "Event."
  • Scroll down and make sure "Use After Countdown Action" is checked.
  • Then "At Countdown End," you can choose where you want the person to be redirected once the timer runs out.

Sounds easy-peasy, right? As I was going through all the steps, I felt a bit overwhelmed, but I think that's the case with anything new, especially when you are basically teaching yourself the entire process. Admittedly, just before going live, I felt quite nauseous and, for a brief moment, thought about canceling the whole meeting! I took a deep breath and remembered that the whole purpose for me chasing this endeavor is that I want to help people by teaching people and that it wasn't about me; it was about the people who wanted my help and were willing to give me the honor (and time) to share with them what I know.

Once the webinar was over and I'd completed an entire live webinar sequence, I felt very satisfied with the outcome. Hey, I survived!  So, what was the end result? Well, I showed up and so did an audience. They were engaging and attentive. Plus, there was not a single tech issue! Kajabi and Zoom really are great platforms.

I walked away feeling positive and full of energy and new ideas. While the "conversion rates" and all those other data points weren't high, I learned something and got excited about a process that I can repeat and that is success to me.

Are you ready to host a successful Live Webinar using the free version of Zoom Meeting in Kajabi? Give it a try. You won't be disappointed!

-It's Time to Soar!
Tina Pham, Founder & President, My Office Owl

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