DIY Closed Caption/.srt File Creation

Now it is easier than ever to create CC/.srt files for your audience. Statistics show a high number of people choose to watch videos without audio. Making your videos accessible to those who are deaf/hard of hearing is very important. Learn how to create your own .srt files without any coding!


Statistics show 85% of videos on Facebook are watched WITHOUT SOUND! If they are not listening to what you are saying (and can't read what you're saying), you might as well have uploaded a picture of yourself talking!

If you're not using CC in your videos, you are potentially missing out on a HUGE NUMBER of viewers!

Do you have an online course in Kajabi (or potentially other online platforms that offer this feature)? Kajabi offers SEARCH in the closed captions!! If you're not using CC, you're denying your students a HUGE benefit to searching for certain topics within your videos on the platform!

WATCH A DEMO of Kajabi closed captions with the search feature!! Click here!

Be socially responsible! Add CC to all your videos!


This Course is AMAZING Because:

Whether you are starting from scratch or have a transcript of your video(s), this course will teach you all you need to know to create Closed Captions/.srt Files WITHOUT doing any coding.


  • How to use YouTube's auto-generated transcripts and auto-sync features.
  • How to add .srt files to videos within Kajabi.
  • How to add .srt files to videos within Vimeo.
  • How to take a text file or transcript and edit/format it for closed captioning purposes.
  • BONUS: Closed Captioning Videos in Facebook


Whether you are a transcription looking to learn a new skill to work with your clients or you are a content creator looking to learn how to create closed captions/.srt files to add to your videos, this course is for you. You will learn how to build your own .srt files WITHOUT any CODING!


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