Course Creator + Media/Video Production Company = Partnership


Are you a course creator or media/video production company and thinking of forming a partnership? There are several questions that must be answered or, at a minimum, contemplated in an agreement between the two.

Grab your free copy of this partnership overview highlighting questions and other topics when considering a partnership between a course creator and a production company.

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Of course, you can add on plenty of other tools & apps, but why would you when you can do it all using one platform?


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Whether you are a DIY Kajabi course creator, a VA along for the ride with your client learning Kajabi, or a VA looking to become a Kajabi VA, the Virtual Assistant Toolkit will take the guesswork out of the back-end support with tutorials and strategies to reach your success with speed and confidence. 


Do You Have a Refund Policy Strategy?

Create a positive customer experience by having a refund policy strategy in place that's easy to find, easy to understand, and easy to implement - saving you time and money.

This guide will walk you though the importance of a strategy, what to include, some conditions and exceptions to think about, the types of refunds you can provide, where you should include your policy, the steps in the process, and so much more. 

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Jennifer B.

"This was a really comprehensive tutorial - well done and thank you!"

Carolyn H.J.

"This is critical. It is also why every website that does commerce should have a terms of use. You can avoid a number of disputes with a solid terms of use, including your refund policy."

Brenda S.

"This is awesome! Signed up! Thank you!"

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