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Watch a demonstration of this super cool feature within Kajabi! SEARCH within the video content!


Learn how to create your own SRT files either from a transcript or from scratch WITHOUT CODING!


Searching within Video Content in Kajabi!

Adding CC in your Kajabi videos allows your students (and yourself) to search the content within the videos via the transcript. Watch the demo above!!


This is my website in Kajabi and, if I scroll down to the video I do have on my front page, you can see that there is a CC button. That is because I did upload an SRT file to my video so that it has closed captioning. Now, when you click on the CC button, you have the choice of English, which turns the CC on, you can turn the closed captioning off, and then you can search video.


First, I'm going to show you if you click on English and play, you see the words start to show up on the screen. That's closed captioning. Now, when I hit "Search Video," it opens up all the transcript. This is an extremely short video, so there's not much here, but you can search.


Say if I hit the word "walk." If I click on that line, then it'll take me right to that spot in the video. This is where it's really, really cool and an extremely cool feature, I think, in Kajabi because, if you've got a longer video and someone wants to come back to it and find a certain topic you were talking about, they can simply type in a keyword and then it'll highlight those keywords within the transcript. You can click on that line and then go to that section of the video. Super cool, right?



Learn how you can create your own closed caption/SRT files without any coding! The sooner you add them, the sooner your students can SEARCH!


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