About My Office Owl

My Office Owl was born out of the desire to teach and help others. I know first-hand how difficult and frustrating it can be working from home, running your own business and, frankly, running your home as well, being a parent, a spouse - just trying to do it all and somewhere in all that "work" you're also getting paid to do something you enjoy and earn an income. 

My Office Owl is for YOU, for transcriptionist and VAs (remote admin. assistants), looking to collaborate, learn, and grow your businesses.

About Tina - the instructor


Way, way, way back in 1999, I got started in the transcription industry as a subcontractor for a transcription firm. I was a subcontracted transcriptionist doing general transcription for a couple of different companies until 2011 when I became a subcontractor for a court reporter transcribing depositions and court proceedings. In 2013, I branched out to begin working with clients directly.

From time-to-time over the past decade, I've been approached by clients asking if I also provide VA services (remote administrative support). It never seemed to be just the right fit until late 2017. Since that time, I've learned so many new skills and enjoyed expanding from working about 5 hours a week as an admin. assistant to now working about 15 hours a week as an admin. assistant/project manager, along with continuing to do general transcription work.

I've made mistakes along the way and learned some great tips & tricks. I have always found transcription (and VA) work to be very educational, affording me the opportunity to learn about some very interesting topics. It is like being in a classroom every day, always learning, both on the content side with the transcripts themselves (and VA work) as well as on the business side. I have the pleasure of working directly with some very talented people and companies as well, all from my home office. 

Testimonials are important and, as a transcriptionist, I've had the honor of not only receiving some great testimonials to use on my own website but also have been mentioned in three books, several websites, and numerous podcast episodes.

I know how overwhelming it can be to get started, all the questions, all the doubt, and I want to help you build your own transcription business! It's not about teaching you how to transcribe, but teaching you how to build your own transcription business!

Because I've had the opportunity to learn many other skills as a virtual administrative assistant for a 7-figure course creator, I'm also creating a course that will be a great resource as a Virtual Assistant Toolkit.

Sharing things that I've learned is important to me, some of which I've shared on YouTube, and am excited to package it all up into more concise courses that can help YOU on your journey building your own transcription business!


I am located in the Midwest (Central Time Zone) where I live with my husband and youngest son. My eldest son, daughter-in-law, and grandchild live close by. I love photography, watching movies, and reading novels.

What I enjoy most about having a home-based business is the flexible schedule and being able to work out of the comfort of my own home. Work/life balance can be extra complicated but it's been worth it.


Thank you for being here on this journey with me. Please reach out and let me know how I can help you build your success. 

Have a question or comment? Fill out the contact form, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.  



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